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Originally from the UK, Carly brings a unique mix of training and experience to her professional portfolio.

Educated in London Music and Performing Arts colleges, Carly has a wealth of specialist knowledge. With a BA hons in Acting and Dance as well as a postgraduate in Classical and Jazz music, Carly has obvious confidence, control and a wealth of ability.

Carly spent the earliest years of her career involved in a wide range of Theatre and Performing Arts. However, after training in music, her choice of career focus was simple - to specialise as a vocalist.

Her voice is described as warm, smooth, youthful and clear. Her gigging repertoire combines a fun mix of Jazz, Soul, Blues, Gospel and Pop. Live Performance work, for Carly, can take the form of Private Function, Events, Band gigs and Choirs. Carly started out her career in London.

SInce her days in London, Carly has lived and worked internationally for 8 years. Her career has spanned three years in Singapore, three years in Dubai and is now settled in Kuala Lumpur.

Not only an accomplished live vocalist, Carly is also an experienced voice-over and session artist. Her portfolio includes audio for radio, animation, advertisement, training and storytelling.

Carly's natural spoken voice is non-regional English. Accents include American (Southern and North), European (French, Italian, German, Spanish), Regional English, Irish, Scottish, Australian, New Zealand.

She is a reliably fresh and professional performer with obvious experience. Carly is an asset to any establishment or function and is proud to be asked back time and time again.

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